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Produkte zum Begriff Kartoniert:

Advances In Osteoarthritis  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Osteoarthritis Kartoniert (TB)

Basic research on osteoarthritis has been carried out mainly from the his tological and biochemical aspects of the degenerating chondrocytes collagen fibers and matrix proteoglycans. Undue mechanical stress has been shown to be the principal factor in the initiation of osteoarthritis. Although the exact process by which mechanical stress leads to the total destruction of cartilage tissue remains unclear several new research methods have enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the process of degeneration. In October 1997 we organized an international symposium titled Ad vances in Osteoarthritis in Kobe with the main topics being updated re search diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis. The proceedings of the symposium are presented here in five sections: (1) Mechanical stress and reactions of chondrocytes such as intracellular ion changes changes in the cytoskeleton intracellular messenger systems release of gas mediators and changes in electromechanical properties of cartilage; (2) Functional diagnosis of osteoarthritis by MR imaging and using calpain and collagenase III as new cartilage markers; (3) Treatment with a promising simple washout technique and IL-1RA and MMP antagonists; (4) Cartilage repair by new grafting tech niques; and (5) Problems following total joint replacement. We sincerely hope that the advanced knowledge provided in this volume of proceedings will be valuable to our readers.

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Radiation Oncology Advances  Kartoniert (TB)
Radiation Oncology Advances Kartoniert (TB)

This book provides an up-to-date comprehensive overview of the exciting new developments shaping the current and future practice of radiation oncology. Advances in treatment planning and delivery in biological targeted therapies combined with radiation and in functional and molecular imaging are all covered in a single volume. All of these advances are discussed by leading experts in the field and with a critical evaluation of their clinical relevance throughout.

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Advances In Geoinformatics  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Geoinformatics Kartoniert (TB)

The GeoInfo series of scientific conferences is an annual forum for exploring research development and innovative applications in geographic information science and related areas. This book provides a privileged view of what is currently happening in the field of geoinformatics as well as a preview of what could be the hottest developments and research topics in the near future.

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Advances In Computing  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Computing Kartoniert (TB)

This book constitutes revised selected papers from the refereed proceedings of the 17th Colombian Conference on Computing on Advances in Computing CCC 2023 held in Medellin Colombia during August 10-11 2023. The 22 full papers and 11 short papers included in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 68 submissions. They were organized in topical sections as follows: Industrial Applications - Industry 4.0 - Precision Agriculture Artificial Intelligence Distributed systems and large-scale computing Computational Statistics Digital Learning - E-learning Software Engineering Human Machine Interaction Image processing and Computer Vision Robotics in Industry 4.0 and Scientific Applications.

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Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Pa...

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Papier- oder Kunststoffüberzug versehen ist. Im Gegensatz zu einem Hardcover-Buch ist ein kartoniertes Buch in der Regel leichter und flexibler. Diese Art von Einband wird häufig bei Taschenbüchern verwendet, da sie kostengünstiger herzustellen ist. Trotzdem bietet ein kartoniertes Buch eine gute Stabilität und Schutz für die Seiten.

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Schlagwörter: Einband Paperback Buchdeckel Flexcover Taschenbuch Broschur Softcover Einbandart Buchhülle Umschlag

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband?

Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches...

Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches verwendet wird. Bei einem kartonierten Buch wird ein dünnerer Karton für den Einband verwendet, der flexibler ist und sich leichter biegen lässt. Ein Buch mit festem Einband hingegen hat einen Einband aus einem dickeren und stabileren Material, wie beispielsweise Leinen oder Kunstleder, das dem Buch mehr Stabilität und Langlebigkeit verleiht. Bücher mit festem Einband sind in der Regel hochwertiger und langlebiger als kartonierte Bücher.

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Schlagwörter: Fester Einband Leinenbindung Ledereinband Schmuckeinband Ganzleder Halbleder Klappentitel Deckel Schuber

Advances In Dune  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Dune Kartoniert (TB)

DUNE the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment is an open-source modular toolbox for solving partial differential equations with grid-based methods. This book covers recent advances in the development and usage of DUNE. It consists of a collection of 13 articles which mainly evolved from talks given at the First DUNE User Meeting in Stuttgart Germany 6.-8.10.2010. The articles nicely illustrate the advanced capabilities and the strong versatility of the DUNE framework. The first part presents extensions of the DUNE core modules including the construction of local finite element spaces a discretization toolbox and two meta-grids as well as a discussion of performance pitfalls. The second part introduces several external DUNE modules dealing with e.g. reduced basis methods unfitted discontinuous Galerkin methods optimal control problems and porous media applications. Specific methods and applications are subject of the third part ranging from two-phase flow in porous media over the implementation of hybrid discontinuous Galerkin and heterogeneous multi-scale methods up to the coupling of DUNE with an existing finite element package.

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Advances In Cardiomyopathies  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Cardiomyopathies Kartoniert (TB)

The international symposium organized by the Italian Study Group on Cardiomyopathies (SPIC) and planned by the organiz ing and scientific committees opened with a review of the history of cardiomyopathy over the last 30 years by Goodwin London (UK) and continued with presentations on all aspects of hyper trophic and dilated cardiomyopathy by a wide spectrum of inter national experts. This book includes mainly the invited contributions but there are also many original oral presentations. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is well addressed by papers on natural history ventricular function ischaemia and arrhythmia. Of particular interest is the note by Bonow National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI; USA) on the effect of beta-adrenergic stimulation with isoprenalin in increasing the rate and extent of left ventricular relaxation beta-adrenergic blocking agents having no such effect. In contrast verapamil improves ventricular relaxation as would be expected. These results challenge accepted belief in some ways and indicate that multiple factors - both passive and active - acting on the left ventricle such as ischaemia asynchrony altered left ventricu lar loading and intracellular levels of calcium ions are all oper ating. These aspects are the more interesting in view of the recent reports of an increase in calcium-channel receptors but not in beta-adrenergic receptors in hypertrophic cardiomyo pathy.

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Advances In Psychoneuroimmunology  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Psychoneuroimmunology Kartoniert (TB)

Proceedings of the Third Hans Selye Symposium on Neuroendocrinology and Stress held in Budapest Hungary August 17-21 1992.

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Advances In Turbulence  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Turbulence Kartoniert (TB)

This book presents selected papers from the 12th edition of the Spring School of Transition and Turbulence which took place in 2020. The papers cover applications on a number of industrial processes such as the automotive aeronautics chemicals oil and gas food nanotechnology and others. The readers find out research and applied works on the topics of aerodynamics computational fluid dynamics instrumentation and experiments multi-phase flows and theoretical and analytical modeling.

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Advances In Nanocomposites  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Nanocomposites Kartoniert (TB)

This book introduces nanocomposite materials possessing a broad range of multifunctionality. It elucidates novel and highly original developments from recent research and development of these critical new engineered materials. The collection examines multiscale modeling molecular dynamics atomistic based continuum synthesis and characterization condition health monitoring spectroscopic characterization techniques self-lubricating materials and conducting polymers. The volume features the latest efforts of some of the most eminent researchers in the world. Providing a range of perspectives from the laboratory and the field Advances in Nanocomposites: Modeling and Characterization is ideal for engineers physicists and materials scientists in academia and industry.

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Advances In Bioinformatics  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Bioinformatics Kartoniert (TB)

This book presents the latest developments in bioinformatics highlighting the importance of bioinformatics in genomics transcriptomics metabolism and cheminformatics analysis as well as in drug discovery and development. It covers tools data mining and analysis protein analysis computational vaccine and drug design. Covering cheminformatics computational evolutionary biology and the role of next-generation sequencing and neural network analysis it also discusses the use of bioinformatics tools in the development of precision medicine. This book offers a valuable source of information for not only beginners in bioinformatics but also for students researchers scientists clinicians practitioners policymakers and stakeholders who are interested in harnessing the potential of bioinformatics in many areas.

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Advances In Nanomaterials  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Nanomaterials Kartoniert (TB)

This exploratory textbook starts with fundamentals that satisfy the needs of a diverse group of educators researchers and students aspiring to engage in research and engineering of nanomaterials. It bridges the gap between undergraduate students in science and engineering who have not yet chosen a specific career path graduate students still considering different disciplines and the cross-cutting scientific topics in nanomaterials. It extends to methods of common practice in the field spanning experimental and theoretical techniques. The extensive use of nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes in the future of global technological solutions underscores the relevance of this text aimed at students and researchers with a range of interests. Advances in Nanomaterials: Fundamentals Properties and Applications is ideal for senior undergraduate and graduate students faculty and general science enthusiasts interested in nanomaterials across contexts ranging from solar energy structural engineering to medical devices to semiconductors.

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Advances In Psoriasis  Kartoniert (TB)
Advances In Psoriasis Kartoniert (TB)

This resource offers practical user friendly information for the dermatology profession to aid in the decision-making process. It features numerous illustrations as well as an emphasis on practical clinical knowledge.

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